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A great way to set up writing projects for kids is through journaling.

Need actual activites - try my Creative Writing Activites page instead.

I got into journaling (although I had always journaled a little) after reading The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

She advocates the use of morning pages - 3 pages to be written every morning. About absolutely anything that comes into your head. A lot comes into my head (most of it rubbish!) and I enjoyed having an outlet for it.

 But it isn't easy to write with 2 toddlers 'helping'! So I bought them journals too - and that began a rewarding journey for us.

Kids Journals
Kids Journals
Kids Journals

Of course, at first the children couldn't write (in any legible way!) - I supplied them with a large tub of stickers, pens and glitter sticks.

Sometimes we would paint or cut and paste straight into the books, or take them to the zoo with us to draw pictures of the animals (we still do that!!). I love to look back on those early journals - I think some of their little drawings may have been lost (or thrown out!) it they had been on separate pieces of paper, but in a little book they are a treasure.

Kids Journals

Creative writing activities for kids

Now, the children use lots of journals for different things - holiday journals, book reviews, general drawing and painting, nature journals - there are so many ways of using journaling as writing projects for kids.

I hope they keep up the habit of keeping a journal as they get older. They have both recently set up their own blogs and enjoy uploading photographs of their artwork, but I still think there is something very wonderful about thinking with a pen in your hand!

Kids Journals
Kids Journals
Kids Journals

Home School Ideas

I would thoroughly recommend buying (or making) a small notebook for the children in your life, and introducing them to the joys of journaling. You can set up some great writing projects for kids in this way. If you need more inspiration, here are some ideas and links;

Writing Projects

  • Journal for yourself - If you want your children to journal, then the best way to encourage them is to write (or draw in) one yourself. This would be a great activity to try if you have homeschool burnout. Journal to the Self

    by Kathleen Adams, is filled with ideas of journals to keep, and different ways of journaling. She believes journaling is a therapy and a way to achieve greater self-awareness. A very interesting read.

  • Journal writing books for children- I have recommended some books on my Journal Books for Homeschooling page. These would be great to use for finding writing prompts.
  • Art Journals - these are illustrated journals. Here are some ideas about how to create an Artists Journal. Try drawing or painting in a journal every day.
  • Homeschooling Ideas Daybook - another one of my creative writing activities for kids is an Ideas Daybook. Keep a track of all your study ideas and other creative notes.
  • Poetry - a great way to develop language skills and creativity would be to keep a poetry journal. Either copy your favourite verses, or write your own. Getting the children to illustrate a short verse on each page would create a wonderful keepsake.
  • Making books with children - free projects on bookmaking. Her blog is here and has lots of journaling ideas.
  • Famous journals - have a look at the Online notebooks of Blake and Leonardo da Vinci (among others). Very inspiring.
  • Homeschooling Encouragement

    I will finish with a story. One day my daughter showed me some scribble writing she had made in her journal. "Wonderful" I said, "What does it say?" "How would I know?" she said puzzled, "I can't read yet!!"

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