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Need to put a little fun into your homeschool PE sessions? Or just looking for ways to get some exercise? Try out these fun sports activities for kids.

I have tried to come up with ideas that even an only child could try (with your help). And of course, as this is a homeschooling-ideas site – I have gone for the more unusual ways to get fit!!

Ever though about starting your own team? Here is how to start a homeschool sports program.

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Sports Day

Holding a Sports Day session can be enormous fun - even with an only child.

Homeschool PE - Sports Day

The key to this is to design some activities you think your child will enjoy - obstacle race? sprinting? skipping? Set up a space (in your garden or park) for two or three of the chosen races. Clearly mark a start, and finish line.

You will need a stop watch to time your child. After the race, mark down the times (and perhaps some relevant information such as weather conditions). In the next homeschool PE session, see if you can improve on your times.

Obviously, this will get harder and harder!! It is an idea to keep changing events regularly to keep the challenge interesting. My ideas for events would include

  • Sprinting
  • Skipping
  • Obstacle Race
  • Jumping - if you can set up small hurdles on the track.
  • Fast walking
  • Longer distance running - once round the park or ten times around the garden!
  • Long jumping
  • Dancing

    Learning to dance is always fun, and usually pretty good exercise too - perfect for homeschool PE!! There are lots of different dances your child could learn to do - Tap, ballet, salsa, cumbia, belly dancing or line dancing - the list is endless. Sample a few to see what you like, then sign up for a class.

    As a taster, why not do a search of Youtube. There are lots of learn to dance videos there. Here is an example for tap dancing.


    Slacklining is a bit like walking a tightrope – only lower to the ground (and the line is slack not tight). It is reputed to help core balance, mental concentration and smoothness of motion. I think it would improve strength and agility too. It isn't easy to learn so you may need a bit of 'stick-at-it-ness!' but it is quite addictive! We found this was a fun sport for the whole family and one site claims to have taught people between the ages of 3 and 84!!



    You will need to invest in a slackline – we would recommend a ratchet system (like Gibbons or Singing Rock) - they are easy to put up and a little wider than a normal line. This will cost around $50. You also need somewhere to put the line up – two trees are best.

    My tips for starting – keep the line fairly short – about 10 meters. It is best to start off in the middle – NOT at the end of the line. Stand next to the line and step onto it with your strongest leg. Use your other leg to keep the line steady (or it will wobble!). Lift the second leg onto the line behind you. The harder you push down the more you will be able to control the wobble. Now – just practice standing on the line on that leg. At first it will seem impossible – but you will be amazed at how quickly you improve. Once you have mastered that you need to add some movement – try sliding your front leg forward – or you back leg backwards. You are walking the line!!!

    There are lots of great videos on Youtube showing tricks – and for the more sedate, why not try slackline yoga! A great picture book to go with this activity would be 'Mirette on the High Wire' by Emily Arnold McCully.

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