Kool Aid Activities and Crafts

Kool Aid activities really get the sense of smell going, which makes it a great medium for sensory science and craft activities.

Here are some of our favorites.

Scratch'n Sniff Watercolors

Kool aid makes great paint! But it does stain, so make sure all surfaces (and children's clothes!) are well covered up before you start.

Mixing 1 tablespoon of warm water per packet will give you a thicker (and darker) paint. If you would like more of a watercolor effect, then just add more water. Different flavor packets will give you different colors - but feel free to mix and match to create your own rainbow of color!

Once dry, these paintings make great 'scratch and sniff' pictures.

Sensory Science Experiment

Our senses all work together when we are smelling, seeing or tasting things. We know for example that color can affect the taste of things you eat or drink.

This experiment is to see whether you can still guess which flavor a kool aid paint is, after the color has been changed.

Make a batch of paint chips - half with different kool aid colors - and half with kool aid mixed with different colored paint. Keep details of which chip has which flavor/smell on it (we numbered the back of each piece of card).

Do a smell test to see if you are more accurate when you can see the color directly. Does the card being a 'wrong' color affect the outcome?

Kool Aid makes a safe dye to use with children for coloring yarn, fiber, or even t-shirts. Check out my page on dyeing yarn with kids for instructions.

Kool Aid Bath Salts

These are easy to make and make good gifts.

Epsom salt baths are safe for children providing they have no existing medical conditions. But don't let them drink the water even with the kool aid added.

Playdough Recipe

This is the simplest playdough recipe of them all!

Please don't let your children eat this playdough though! If you would like something more edible, then check out these edible play dough recipes.

Playing with these kool aid activities isn't just for the little ones!

Teenagers could make a more scientific study of the sensory science idea - and research how the senses work both individually and together.

You may also like to look at A Fragrant Journey to Japan by Enrichment4You. This guide takes you on a journey to ancient Japan, and highlights the role scent has played in Japanese culture, art and history. We enjoyed learning more about aromatherapy and making the scent game 'Kodo'.

And don't forget Kool Aid makes a great hair dye!

I hope you enjoyed these Kool Aid Activities.

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