6 Great Challenges for Kids

Looking for a challenge? There are some great challenges for kids that you can use in your homeschool.

Whether it is learning a new skill, being more disciplined - or just get finding a way to do the things you want to do - challenges are a fun way of staying on track.

6 Fabulous Challenges for Kids

Challenges are a great way to, well, er, challenge yourself and your children. Whether you pick daily, weekly or monthly challenges it is a fun way to try something new or push yourself a little. 

There are lots of challenges around the web. Here are some examples to try in your homeschool. Some are adult oriented but I have tried to pick as many kid-friendly ones as I could find.

1. Drawing/Art

Challenges can be a fun way to get creative on a regular basis. 

  • Sketch Tuesday provides an idea for you to sketch or draw every Tuesday. Watch out for the assignments on the Harmony Art Mom blog.
  • Tuesday not a good day for you? How about Illustration Friday instead? 
  • DaisyYellow runs an Index Card a Day (ICAD) art challenge in May and June. Lots of inspiration there if you want to play with this on your own now. My friend and her children made some wonderful art with this challenge last year - check out her blog here.
  • Collage Obsession host a weekly (Monday) collage challenge.
  • Every Monday, Colorthowdown invite you to make something using the color they specify. It is mostly card making - but you could use it to spark your own projects.
  • Journal Quilting is a good way to get creative on a regular basis. Make a series of quilts to document your year.

2. Reading

There are lots of book challenges - and you will probably find your library holds summer reading challenges every year (otherwise Scholastic usually run a summer challenge). Here are some ideas you might like :

  • Read a certain number of books per month/year. Choose a number that would be challenging, but not totally impossible. 
  • Treasure Hunt reading challenge - make a list of words then try to find book titles related to each topic. There is a great list on this blog (from 2013).
  • Have a 'themed' reading challenge. 

3. Lego

I can't do a page on challenges without coming up with some lego ones! Sadly, only one seems to be still running, so I have included some older ones for ideas too.

  • FrugalFun4Boys has a Friday Lego building challenge. Check out past challenges here
  • This challenge isn't running any more but there are plenty in the archives to keep you going. LegoQuest contains 51 lego challenges for you to try.

Don't forget to check out my lego projects page for more lego ideas.

4. Writing

Writing challenges are a great way to spark writing in your kids. 

  • Top of the list has got to be November's NaNoWriMo.  Write a novel (or a book for younger children) in a month. We have had a fantastic time with this challenge for the last few years - and if you meet your goal writing target, you get free paperback copies of your book! 
  • A whole month too long for you? There is a 3-Day Novel writing challenge held every year on Labour Day Weekend!
  • Journaling is a great way to get into the habit of writing regularly. There are lots of journaling prompts available online. I have some here or there are 100 prompts here.

5. Photography

There are masses of photography challenges available - both online and as apps for your smartphone.

Most of them involve taking a photograph every day to document your life.

6. Learning

And there are more!

Here are more challenges that didn't quite fit into the categories above.

I am sure there are more :) I will add them as I find them.

A final word about finishing challenges!

Challenges can be a fun way to try something new - but the emphasis should be on fun! Whilst it is nice to see a challenge through - it sometimes can get a bit dreary.

If it makes you feel better, my view is that you should stop when the fun stops! You will have got whatever you wanted from it at that stage - and there is little point plodding on miserably!

And as I say in my ebook, Stickability, some of us are just not designed to stick to a schedule.

If you want to give up on your challenge before the end, you have my permission to do so without guilt :)

Challenges for Kids
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