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When you are homeschooling teens in can be difficult to motivate them and come up with ideas that interest them!

But you still want to introduce them to a wide variety of subjects and widen their horizons. Well, help is at hand!

Having teenagers myself I know how hard it can be to find a great project for them. But we have had fun with several different (and unusual!) projects in our homeschool and I wanted to share those with you.

I hope it will inspire you - and them - to try something new.

High School Projects for Homeschooling

Scroll down through this list of homeschooling teen projects you can try at home.

Random Acts of Kindness

If you have a kind-hearted teen they they are going to love these random acts of kindness ideas.

There are many groups and organisations they could get involved with, including bookcrossing and the Toy Society (both of which involve leaving a 'surprise' for someone to find.

Animations and Time Lapse Films

We have tried both making our own animations and time lapse photography with great effect. It doesn't take a lot of complicated equipment and you can download the software you need for free.

Why not try a 60 second Shakespeare adaptation from this Shakespeare lesson plan.

Yarn Grafitti

Yarn Grafitti (or yarn bombing) is a type of street art that uses yarn or fibre to make knitted or crocheted grafitti 'tags'. 

This works great as a group project - a fun idea for your anarchist teen!

Smorgasbord Free homeschool curriculum
Are you looking for a creative and interesting curriculum?

I invented the Smorgasbord lesson plans to engage and interest my children in the widest possible range of subjects - and this can easily be adapted to suit your high school homeschooler. Check out my free homeschool curriculum and homeschool lesson plans to see if it would suit your family.

Photography Projects

These photography projects for kids should get you started in the right direction. Photography is a great thing for teenagers to study as it really gets them to 'see' things. There are so many directions you could take it - portraits, landscapes or how about getting known as the guy that will take publicity shots of new bands!

There are several ways your high school student could publicize their photography skills. Set up a website to showcase them - or upload them to a photography site like Flikr.com. There are already several groups there for homeschooled photographers.

Geocaching and Orienteering

Great for outdoor types, geocaching is like an outdoor treasure hunt. Try a few then set up your own.

Or have a try at Orienteering. This great sport really helps map-reading and compass skills.

Make a Town Guide

Although I did this home school geography project with my younger children, I intend to revisit it when they are older. Living in a tourist town, I think a small town guide aimed at children would go down well - and could be sold from the tourist information office.


Blogging is a great way for teens to express themselves! You can get a free blog from several places now, including blogger.com. A blog doesn't have to be about your teen's life - what about an educational blog on a subject that interests them? Or one answering the great philosophical questions of the day?

Make a Kiln

Making a clay and firing your own artwork is a great project for a high school student. It takes quite a bit of practice to get a good finish - but would be a great long-term project to work on. Find out all about the different ways of firing clay at home.

Then why not use your kiln for some High School Chemistry Projects.

Natural Clay Art Work

This great art project by mud sculptor Kiko Denzer explains how to make a natural clay art work. This could lead to all sorts of mud-work sculptures such as clay bread ovens.

I hope these ideas give you a great place to start in high school homeschooling

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