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100 Things to do with your kids before they grow up and leave home!

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Are you looking to have some fun with your family? These days, often the one thing we really need to give our children is our time.

Even when we are homeschooling we can feel pushed for time and overwhelmed. But spending time with our children is a precious gift we can give. But what to do? 

Here are 100 ways to make the most of it and make beautiful memories.

Fun Activities for Kids and Parents

  1. Roast marshmallows over the fire
  2. Make fire pine cones
  3. Light sparklers
  4. Carve a pumpkin
  5. Decorate Eggs
  6. Have a read aloud marathon - read them all their picture books
  7. Create a cabinet of curiosities
  8. Build a snowman
  9. Sail a toy boat
  10. Make and fly kites
  11. Go fishing
  12. Build a Geodesic dome
  13. Make a your own pottery kiln
  14. Go on a boat or train ride
  15. Play in the rain
  16. Have supper around an open fire
  17. Tell them a ghost story by flashlight
  18. Go outside to look at stars - lie on a rug
  19. Have a picnic and look at the clouds
  20. Do a jigsaw puzzle with them
  21. Do colouring in/drawing with them
  22. Make a card game
  23. Play hopscotch with them
  24. Make kaleidoscope pictures
  25. Teach them to throw two balls, or skip, or hoola hoop
  26. Teach them a game of patience or a new card game
  27. Go skinny dipping (go on! I dare you!)
  28. Look through photo albums of when they were babies
  29. Go to an art gallery
  30. Throw a chocolate fondue party
  31. Learn something new together
  32. Harvest some vegetables or go strawberry picking
  33. Bake chocolate chip cookies together - or pancakes, or pizza
  34. Take them surprise camping
  35. Have a pyjama day
  36. Take them out to lunch
  37. Face paint them
  38. Make shadows on the wall in torchlight
  39. Take a trip to a candy shop and let them pick some sweets
  40. Splatter paint on an old sheet and hang it on the wall
  41. Make homemade clay and have a clay craft session
  42. Read them a picture book every day for a month
  43. Build a den together
  44. Play Pooh sticks
  45. Roll down a steep bank
  46. Climb a tree
  47. Do random acts of kindness
  48. Go on a bicycle trip
  49. Have breakfast somewhere unusual
  50. Make a time capsule
  51. Grow a flower
  52. Have a race
  53. Volunteer
  54. Go sledding
  55. Make juice pops
  56. Catch fireflies or ladybugs
  57. Make lanterns and go out in the dark
  58. Collect tadpoles
  59. Start a kids journal
  60. Make a whistle
  61. Make snow candy
  62. Have a sleepover in the lounge
  63. Play cards for sweets
  64. Start a family blog
  65. Make a stick doll
  66. Make a 'day in the life' film
  67. Do a guided walk
  68. Save your coppers in a moneypot, then spend them together
  69. Make some nature art
  70. set up a nature table
  71. Blow bubbles
  72. Make marshmallow models
  73. Knit a tag
  74. Sketch in a nature journal
  75. Make self portraits
  76. Make the biggest marble run you can from tubes
  77. Set up a family challenge - no TV for a month?
  78. Decorate a tree
  79. Decorate a room
  80. Spend a day without power
  81. Make a bow and arrow
  82. Have a cultural meal
  83. Start a scrapbook
  84. Make a gift for someone
  85. Send a postcard
  86. Have a cherry-pip spitting competition
  87. Look for 4 leaf clovers
  88. Go geocaching
  89. Have a film night complete with popcorn
  90. Go to the zoo
  91. Make a house of cards
  92. Feed the ducks
  93. Make a bento box lunch together
  94. Have a celebration
  95. Make a bow and arrow
  96. Have pancakes for breakfast
  97. Take a panoramic photograph of your street
  98. Make a time lapse film
  99. Grow lettuce (or cress) on the windowsill
  100. Learn a magic trick
  101. Err.. how about a few more family fun activities for luck!

  102. Hatch a caterpillar
  103. Make a timeline
  104. Make an origami boat and sail it in the bath
  105. Make a quiz jar
  106. Write a book together
  107. Create a family vision board
  108. Play with mud
  109. Write a new list of family fun activities for next year..!


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